Solo Trumpet
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Music Lessons


Mr Cather teaches privately at his Studio in Manhattan Beach, and at his Studio in Long Beach, California.


Lessons are usually 1 per week. Rates are $35 per 1/2hour and is appropriate for beginners to intermediate. $52.50 per 3/4hour is appropriate for intermediate to advanced students and young jazz students. $70 per hour is best for advanced and jazz students.


My method for teaching is both systematic and diagnostic. In other words, I cover all aspects of playing systematically. I also keep a vigilant eye to the students weaknesses and strengths, so that the weaknesses can be conquered and the strengths be capitalized on. I give exercises to strengthen certain playing skills and I give selected music to apply those skills and to develop as a musician.


Every instrument that I teach, I have studied intently and play professionally myself. I have seen, all too often, teachers who teach instruments that they have only taken a semester in college to become a band leader. These people know how to finger a note, but don't have the experience of mastering the playing of the instrument. These people may be highly qualified at one instrument or a few, but never at all instruments. From this, I have seen many frustrated students who quit playing, or struggle for years trying to gain high range or tone quality. This is especially true for trumpeters. The way a beginner forms the lips to produce a sound is critical. But usually they are left on their own to make a sound and usually they fall into a lip position that is very inefficient. This is evident when they play only the lowest notes and struggle to play into the normal range of a trumpet. I urge anyone who is searching for a private teacher to be certain that that teacher is indeed a proficient player of that instrument, in addition to being a qualified teacher.


I teach: Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, French Horn, Recorder, Cornetto.