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About John Cather


John Cather plays a variety of Brass Instruments including many different types of Trumpets, Soprano-Alto-Tenor & Bass Trombones, Euphonium, French Horn, Tuba, Alphorn, Natural trumpet, Cornetto, etc.


John plays as a free lance artist throughout Southern California, and is a regular artist for numerous bands and orchestras, including several of his own groups. Mr. Cather’s specialty in music, is Renaissance, and Baroque music, as played on authentic instruments of that time period. i.e.: Baroque trumpet, Cornetto, Sacbut, etc. Mr. Cather has recorded numerous times on records, and film as well as appearing in films. John has played for such dignitaries as: Margaret Thatcher, John Majors, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Marvin Gaye, Alan Alda, Paul Mitchell, and Barbara Streisand.


Mr. Cather also teaches Brass instruments, from his home, and a studio in Long Beach, and is sometimes commissioned to teach at various school, workshops, and clinics.


Mr. Cather started Playing trumpet at age 7. He was taught at first by his father and Mentor, George Cather, who was an accomplished trombone player, and music teacher. Mr Cather then spent several years studying with the late James Stamp (possibly the greatest all time trumpet instructor). Mr. Cather also studied with: Raymond Mase (trumpet professor at Juilliard), David Hickman (Trumpet professor at Arizona State University at Tempe), Alan Dean(trumpet professor at Yale), Dr Edward Tarr (trumpet professor at the Schola Cantorum, Basil Switzerland), Michael Sachs (principal trumpet with Cleveland Orchestra), Donald Green (associate principal trumpet L.A.Philharmonic), Ralph Sauer (principal trombone L.A. Philharmonic), Jeffrey Reynolds (Bass trombone L.A.Philharmonic).