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Brass Mouthpieces


Hand made Historical reproductions of natural trumpet mouthpieces and custom Alto trombone mouthpieces and cornetto mouthpieces. Please email for more information.

J.W.Haas Clarino mouthpiece (997)


This is an authentic hand made reproduction of a clarino mouthpiece by J.W Hass of Nuremburg Germany circa 1700. It has a very nice sound and response on smaller natural trumpets such as in D Eb and F. It has a somewhat flat rim with a well pronounced inner bite-but not sharp. At 15.71mm diameter, it is quite small but is also somewhat deep. It has a well pronounced shoulder leading into the throat which is tapered. The backbore is complex and has one step in it. I also offer this with a wider 17mm rim. This is the one I play for most Clarino trumpet parts. I can adjust any part to suite the player.


British 19th century mouthpiece (3281)


This is an authentic handmade reproduction of a classical era mouthpiece of unknown make. The original is in the Edinburgh Musem and is of 19th century british origins. This mouthpiece has a very nice sound and response on orchestral natural trumpet for composers such as Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. It has a semi flat rim with a cup diameter of 18.16mm. It has a deep cup and has a somewhat complex throat and backbore. I also offer this in a smaller 17.5mm rim. This is the one I play for classical repertoire. I can adjust any part to suit the player.


Custom Alto Trombone Mouthpiece


For those who want an alto size mouthpiece for their alto trombone instead of the more common Bach 12 or 15, or equivalent, which are tenor mouthpieces. I suggest 21-22mm cup diameter. Tenor trombone is about 24mm and trumpet is about 17-18mm. With practice, you should have about 1/2 octave higher range and the endurance to match. Your tone should be much more centered with a wider tonal range than on a tenor mouthpiece.


The shank can be large like for the Conn, Yamaha, Jin Bao or small like the Olds, DEG etc. I use a typical Alto trombone backbore (scaled down tenor) and throat. I can adjust the cup and rim profile to your liking.